Welcome to Blue Ribbon Accounting!

Welcome Post Its 2017-06-24

Hello, and welcome to my brand new website!

I'm really excited about this - it's part of a complete overhaul of my business presence and processes. Let me take you on a tour!

Let's start with my Homepage. You might think 'Really? Aren't home pages just kind of...launch zones?' but for me it's all about those first eleven words. If you want to see my ethos about accounting, and the way I approach my business, it's right there in those eleven words.

Once you're done there, choose your own adventure:

- Are you an individual who wants to get a tax return done?
- Or are you a small business, looking for an answer to any sort of question?

Whatever your needs are, there's something for you! Those two pages include a whole lot of information on the services and specialties that I offer, as well as some testimonials from current clients who were lovely enough to offer their kind words to my new website.

From the tax return page, you can also access my tax checklist - this is an integrated form where, once you submit it, it will e-mail both you and me a copy of your answers, so that you can use it to gather your information, and I can use it to tailor your tax solution.

If you're wondering about costs, you can also check out my pricing page. I aim to make my pricing easy to understand, and affordable compared to industry standards.

If you want to learn more about me, the about page has a short bio including my qualifications, and it also includes some information on my Tax Agent registration.

Lastly there's this news page. I'll be publishing articles relevant to individuals and small businesses regularly, so watch this space!

If you'd like to stay updated on the articles I post here, you can sign up to my Small Business or Tax Return newsletters.

Finally, if you want to get in touch for whatever reason, just contact me and we can discuss your tax or small business needs.